About Us

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Our work is characterized by exceptionally careful and thorough preparation, craftsman quality painting, and expert selection of materials and paints. We give special attention to protecting our customers from dust by sealing off all windows and doors during the preparation process and scheduling a daily as well as a thorough final clean up. Hans Stahlschmidt’s keen and artistic sense of color has helped many customers find the desired color solution for their projects.

We have developed a company culture in which responsibility, ethical behavior, and high quality are of utmost importance. Our company is proud to have long-term employees who take pride in their work. All foremen have been with the company for over 15 years. For many years we have implemented a company health care plan as well as a profit-sharing plan. All employees are thoroughly trained and have extensive experience in the painting profession.

We are one of the few outfits that have the training and expertise to legally handle the work on older pre-70s buildings that have underlying layers of lead paint on their interior and exterior surfaces. Hans Stahlschmidt was one of the first contractors in the Bay area to deal with the wide spread lead-paint issue in a responsible manner. He has worked together with the California Department of Health Services to develop practical and affordable ways to deal with existing lead issues in older buildings. He has taught contractors around the state how to deal with this significant public health issue in an effective and economical way.